Friday, June 27, 2014

Fancy Friday : Making Time for Yourself

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

You see me posting a lot about my training, sharing my meals and giving tips for organization; but do you remember when it was my last Fancy Friday blog? Yeah, it has been a while...

We are always so busy with things that we easily forget about ourselves. It is work, family, errands, workouts etc; filling up our days that at the end, there is nothing left for us.

It is time to change things a little bit and make time for yourself!

Fancy Friday : Making Time for Yourself

Maybe you already have your own method to keep track of your body care. However, as a geek tomboy, I know that there are many women (and men!) out there that do not prioritize their body as they should. Therefore, I want to share my tricks to show some self-love on a daily basis without taking much of your time.


Last year, after letting my hair grow quite long, I decided to have it cut short again. Even though on a daily basis, short hair is much easier to maintain, it requires more frequent visits to the hairdresser. You cannot hide the extra long hair for too long.

To make sure you will "find" time to get your hair also in shape, try setting up the next appointment before leaving the coiffeur. Instead of fitting it in your incredibly busy agenda, you will be making your planning around it. When should it be? It depends on how fast your hair grows, an event coming soon or a day free.

For the maintenance, on a weekly basis, I use some special shampoo. Short hair does not require conditioning, but I like to keep the glance the entire year around no matter its length.

Hands and nails

I do not feel comfortable lifting weights and having long nails. It is true that if you use Gelish or similar products, they are not going to break just like that. However, I am not a fan of using them for prolonged time. The exception is a competition or some special event.

So to minimize the damage to my hands, I use hand lotion frequently. I have a light product for the warm summer days, and a denser one for the dry winter. To keep it simple, just leave it in your hand bag or drawer in the office. Even if it is not a habit for you yet, it will become one faster if you can apply whenever it comes to your mind.

Nails by Enjoy Nailz


I have been going through a treatment to dim my acne scars for some years. It is taking a little longer than it should because my skin is very sensitive and did not react well in the beginning. We opted then for a slower approach which is producing fantastic results.

Incorporating the extra cleaning and hydration to my morning and evening rituals was not simple at first. I had to force myself sometimes, but soon it became routine.

The best way is to start on time. Do not wait until you cannot keep your eyes open in the evening or leave it for last when you are getting ready to go to work. Do you follow a special treatment like me? Make sure you leave all products you need together to avoid missing any step.


Scrubbing the body daily is ideal to eliminate dead and rough skin. It is a simple thing that works wonders. And sincerely, makes showering much faster too. 

I prefer to use a loofah, but you choose your favorite product. Do circular movements to stimulate circulation too. It will add a spa-like effect to your daily ritual.

And moisturizing afterwards is also very important. I change products regularly to get the best of both (and all) worlds. Recently, I have been applying baby lotion. It does not have a strong smell and feels great on my sensitive skin.

Scrub Your Body

So what do you say? Nothing that extraordinary, isn't it? If what I wrote is new territory for you, take small steps. Get used to one first before adding another to your pattern. It will surely pay off later on. And these are things that both men and women should do. It is your body we are talking about. Treating it nicely is absolutely not gender-related.

What daily rituals do you follow? What are your favorite products?

Have a fabulous Friday!

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