Friday, June 6, 2014

40 things before 40

Right after my 39th birthday, I found out some great blog entries about things that the authors wanted to do before reaching a certain age. I loved the idea, but let's face, the older you get, the longer the list gets. Putting it together gets more and more challenging. And to make things worse, the longer it takes to write it down, the last time one has to do everything. Ouch!

Anyways, I did not lose heart. It took me a while, but here you have my list of 40 things I want to do/accomplish before turning 40 (in no specific order):

40 things before 40 by Debbie In Shape
  1. Write an ebook
  2. Run a 5km race
  3. Attend swim classes
  4. Try a new sport
  5. Visit my mom
  6. Use my bike again
  7. Improve my physique
  8. Get a Nutrition certification
  9. Practice yoga regularly
  10. Launch my website
  11. Do a photo shoot
  12. Visit a new country
  13. Read at least 6 books
  14. Eat by myself at a restaurant
  15. Create a signature dish
  16. Be able to do a pull up
  17. Take a Pin-up Photoshoot
  18. Go to London
  19. Buy a racing bike
  20. Reach less than 20% body fat
  21. Maintain less than 20% body fat
  22. Clean my email accounts
  23. Go to the movies alone
  24. Clean the closet
  25. Take a spa day
  26. Finish an already started project
  27. Let go of the past
  28. Go offline for 24 hours
  29. Declutter
  30. Save money
  31. Practice meditation regularly
  32. Run a 10km race
  33. Learn another swim style
  34. Try some new dish
  35. Learn how to ride a racing bike
  36. Motivate others achieve their dreams
  37. Get a Personal Trainer certification
  38. Start training for a triathlon
  39. Build lean muscle mass
  40. Enjoy life!

Even though I did my best in keeping realistic (going to Mars was out of question this time), but believe me or not, it is still challenge. Things like trying 'some new dish' are incredibly hard for me. I constantly force myself to change, but it is an exercise. It does not come naturally.

Due date : May 12th, 2015

Well, this is my list! By sharing it with you, I also assume the commitment of doing my uttermost best in realizing everything I listed. So be sure that you will be getting constant updates as I move forward.

And you? Have you got a to do list to go through before your next birthday? Or are you planning to have one?

If you have similar plans/commitments/resolutions, let me know it. It will be great if we can support each other along the way.

Let's get started!

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