Thursday, June 5, 2014

Training Thursday : The Medal

Hi everyone! On my Training Thursday blog from last week, I bragged about being able to run 10km for the first in years, remember?

I had signed up for a virtual 10km race from the site Jost Running and I was really excited about the whole idea behind.

Well... Today when I got home from work, I saw that I had mail...

Got my Brave New Route medal from Jost Running!

Now tell me how cool is this medal?!? Yes, it is a real medal. I feel like walking around with it on. LOL

This week, I will be running tomorrow. I do not have any distance or time in mind, but I am surely going to enjoy it. Even if I have to run inside because of the weather (I do the groceries right after training on Fridays, so running in the rain is pretty much a no-no then).

Did you train today? How is the weather on your side? Has summer already arrived?

Strong training!

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