Thursday, September 20, 2012

A quick update

A lot is happening this week and I am extremely happy for everything. By saying that I do not mean that everything is perfect or that there is nothing bothering. The challenges are there! However, I am enjoying the journey.

This week, my coach changed my nutritional plan and added some cardio to my routine. One the first, I have to admit that I was feeling really hungry. By late in the afternoon, I had already had almost all my quota protein and I still had to have dinner. No before casein bed for me then.

On the second day however, I changed some things here and there and I got it perfect. Not only I was reaching my macros correctly, but I was not hungry at all throughout the day. That made me really proud.

Getting the right amount of food x macros was not a skill I used to have. I was always swinging between too much and too little, but never getting them right. When I finally managed to have enough protein, my carbs were skyrocketing. The right amount of carbs generally implied in a huge calorie intake. It could take me weeks to get the numbers fixed. This time however, a day was all I needed.

The scale has been my best friend these days. I have been measuring everything I eat and the results are paying off.

Cardio is also doing its thing. I am again losing weight and I feel the difference. Last week, I took my progress pictures that scared me a bit. I saw much more fat than I wanted on my hips and belly. It was a scary sight!

Improvement is still needed, but I am moving slowly ahead.

More updates coming soon! Have a great time everyone.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to life

I had some tough days last week. I am really glad that this weekend I had the chance to catch up with rest. It was really needed!

After sleeping little for so many days and working overtime the whole week, I enjoyed waking up later yesterday and doing nothing for the whole day. Yeah! I was laaaazzzzyyyy...

With my batteries recharged, today I followed the usual Sunday plan and got everything done. I  went to the gym in the morning, cooked for the week, did the housework and after this entry, it is time to study.

I am taking the Personal Trainer course very seriously. Since there is so little support for women trying to build muscle here, I want to be able to work out properly. I dream BIG and am not afraid of hard work.

Later today (or tomorrow), I will be posting my training. After a couple of deload days, I went full throttle again today. And it could not have been better since it was leg day and I was rested. The hard training was pretty much needed since I do not think I am losing fat as (fast as) I think should. I absolutely cannot picture myself on stage with the physique I have so far. Anyways, I will be sharing more on my contest preparation later this week. 

In the meantime, who is excited about the Big "O"?!? I am!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doing it differently

Today I left work way too late and to avoid jeopardizing my intake, I went straight home.

In no way it means missing a workout. We have enough stuff at home to do some serious workouts. I just needed to be a little creative in adapting my routine properly.

On the menu: upper body!

Push-ups (knees)

One Handed Hang
4x5secs for each side

Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press


Side raise (with kettlebell)

Dips (body weight)

Alternating biceps curl

This workout was different than normal, but in no way easier. I used more or less the same weights I do at the gym and with my body extra tired because of the daily overtime, it was hard. Besides, I did not need to look "good" in the mirror, so I could let it all go.

I have to admit that I prefer to go to the gym, but not being able to go there is absolute no excuse to skip a workout.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I made it today

Yesterday, it was a no-show at the gym, but I could not allow myself to miss another training today. Things were much calmer there today, despite another broke machine...

Anyways, I tried new stuff again (weights in kilos):

Stiff-legged cable deadlift

Squats (Smith Machine)

Seated leg curls

Step ups (DB’s)


Reversed Crunches

I managed to have some PRs here and there, but for me, the most important was making it to the gym. I have been working at least 10 hours every day this week and I am really beat. Despite that, I am maintain my diet and training schedule. It makes me really proud of myself!

The higher the obstacle, the greater the reward. #noexcuse

Monday, September 10, 2012

After a long day at the office

As I was expecting, I had to stay much longer at the office than normal. After the 10 hours, I was really tired. However, it did not stop me from going to the gym.

Because the place was packed, I kept it simple. Besides, as I could not go for PRs, I will probably be doing deload for the next days. And it went like this (remember that all weights are kilos):

Flat bench DB flys

Bent over DB rows

Overhead press (seated DBs)

Row/Rear Delt (SS)

Front shoulder raise (DBs)

Bicep curls (BB)
0x8 (squeezed my biceps as much as I could in each rep)

Tomorrow it is going to be leg day and I will kill it no matter what!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Training routine

It has been quite a productive weekend this one. I am really glad for that because there were some small things I wanted to do here and there and I am managing to get them done.

One of the things I did today was working out. Throughout this contest preparation of mine, I have been following a 4-day split and today, it was day 4: leg day!

Even though the basis has been the same, I try to do different exercises almost every week to sort of catch my muscles by surprise.

Today, it went like this (weights in kilos):
Leg press
55x25 (drop set to failure)


Standing Calf Raises
70x12 (PR!)

SS Leg Extesions and Weighted Genie Press (saw the second on Muscle & Fitness Hers and decided to give it a try)

Weighted Rope Curl
35x15 (to failure)

Dumbbell Side Bend

I took 2 scoops of SuperPump Max as pre-workout and half scoop of SizeOn as intra (both from Gaspari Nutrition). My post-workout was Muscle Milk.

This week, I will leaving to the office earlier than my usual hour because I want to avoid staying much longer. Gym hours are so limited on this side of the ocean, that I have to be on time otherwise, it is a no-show. At this point of my preparation, I cannot allow myself to miss a single training. So...

Wishing everyone a strong week!

It is for real!

I started my preparation for the Belgian Fed Cup at the end of June this year. I had just came back from vacation during which I enjoyed the best of the Brazilian food. Even though I went regularly to the gym, the damage was done.

Before I could really fix my mind on the contest though, I had a check-up and only last week I could finally say for sure "I'm in!".

So now I am 7 weeks away from my very first contest and I am trying to do put together my checklist. It is not that simple, even though there is a lot of help here and there on the internet. I am playing sponge, trying to acquire as much knowledge as possible, but it does not make things that simple either.

Until now, the things I could think of are:
  • suit
  • shoes
  • tanning
  • nails
  • hair
  • make-up
  • posing (!!!)

I am sure that I am going to get things done on time, but I wish I were not so "late" for putting it all together. But I guess that it happens to the best of us, (or) doesn't it?!?

To keep my mind cool, I am training and dieting harder than ever. My body has to be ready! That is my main focus now. I might even fail due to the lack of organization, but my shape will not be to blame.

It is possible that I am setting too high standards. Thinking about the few contests in Belgium (if there is any other than the Fed Cup...) and the lack of interest (and TONS of misunderstanding) about body building, I may be going to hard on myself. Still, I will always work for the best and my role models in my category (Nathalia Melo, India Paulino, Jamie Baird, Amanda Latona etc) remain as my ultimate goal anyways.

This week, I will be sending out my papers. Let's see how things go...

Fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

About me

To start this blog, I would like to introduce myself:

Hi! My name is Debbie Rodrigues. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and live in Belgium since 2001. I'm Taurus, therefore, stubborn. When I put my heart into something, I make it happen!

I discovered bodybuilding at the age 19. After moving abroad, I spent years away from the gym until I made my "come back" in 2010.

2012 brought a lot of changes in my life and one of them is wanting to compete and, more recently, starting a course to become Personal Trainer.

Improving one's physique is for me much more than esthetics. It is about health, self-esteem and commitment.

Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward hearing from you all and your experiences!

Believe in yourself! Be a ★!