Monday, May 19, 2014

Move It Monday - May 19th, 2014

Another week is upon us and it is time to get some action!

Move It Monday - May 19th, 2014

My training plan for this week is:
  • Sunday (yesterday): quads and hams
  • Monday: chest and abs
  • Tuesday: quads, hams and calves
  • Wednesday: back, biceps and abs
  • Thursday: quads, hams, calves and abs
  • Friday: run
  • Saturday: rest day

I have been neglecting my shoulders and triceps a little, but I will be catching up with them soon.

Gym look today - before leaving to the gym

Today I trained in my 'original' gym. It is great to have two gyms from the same franchise in town. As I wanted to go shopping afterwards (major failure, but I will write about it on another day), it was easier to go the other one.

After workout, I used the treadmill for my HIIT. I think I scared off a girl who was thinking about taking the machine close to me. It was intense training and I loved it! I cannot even remember that last time that sweat dropped so much through my face.

Sweat like a pig to look like a fox.

I just finished my post-workout meal and now it is time to get things done around the house and enjoy my vacation a bit.

How is your training week so far? Do you have a fixed plan? Any outdoor activities? 

Have a great time!

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