Friday, May 23, 2014

Fancy Friday - Cleaning make-up brushes

The definition of the adjective 'fancy' according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is:
  • Not plain or ordinary
  • Very expensive and fashionable
  • Done with great skill and grace

That is what "Fancy Friday" is all about. I will looking forward sharing beauty tips, review of products and anything related to beauty and fashion. Because no matter how much we all love our trainers and leggings, at least every once in a while every woman has girly days.

Fancy Friday - Cleaning make-up brushes

I am still a newbie taking babies steps, but I am not giving up!

Last January, while waiting for my connection flight in Heathrow, I stopped by the MAC Cosmetics shop in Terminal 5 and did some shopping. I bought eye shadows, foundation and brushes. After using it every day, the time has arrived to clean my foundation brush.

My dirty MAC Comestics foundation brush

Needless to say that I had no idea about where to start, but I found very easy to follow instructions on the blog of Lauren Conrad and it was a life savior!

Not wanting to change the subject too much, I added the TagBrand's widget to this blog. As per definition on their site: 
" — is the service which unites people who are interested in brands and clothes."
It is a cool site to see the what people are wearing all over the globe. If you are there as well, feel free to follow me. Remember, I always follow back.

Do you wear make-up on a daily basis? How frequently do you wash the brushes? 

Have a fabulous Friday!

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