Sunday, December 16, 2012

The big deal about dieting

On my Facebook page, I frequently share posts on dieting, clean eating and healthy food. To me, it is not an option or a favor that you are doing to whomever.  If you want to improve the quality of your life, you have to keep an eye on your intake!

That said, there is a major difference between health and clean eating and competition diet. I can imagine that those who see what I eat and its amount might get a little bit confused. Isn't it only for bodybuilders?!?

And the answer is no! A normal person's diet should also be clean. It is not because you do not have to drop your body fat percentage to the minimum that you are to live a life full of indulgencies.

Stop rewarding yourself with food. You are not a dog!

First of all, it starts with knowing the concept of macros, what they are, what they represent in your diet and how to acquire right amount of them. These macros are calculated, among other things, based on the calories one burns in their daily activities. Athletes and office workers have different needs because of the way they expend their energy. If they combine both activities, like me, it is yet another thing. And so it goes...

I am not going to advance much in terms of how much macros one should include in their diet because I am not a Personal Trainer (yet!) and it varies a lot from person to person. Anyways, there are very good sites where you can learn more about them, including inputing your intake to check your general performance. Two sites/apps that I have used myself are*:

One frequent misconception is that you can limit the damage of a bad diet by training it off at the gym. And if you also believed in that, I am sorry to inform you that it is way far from the truth.

If you are not cleaning up your diet, you are not going to be leaning out.

Maybe you will say that life is too short; that it is just one doughnut; that you do not do it every day etc. And I am not disagreeing with you. However, the next time that feel like going "naughty" with your intake, try to think for a second on the consequences. What would be the impact of that meal in your progress? Is it still worth it? Will you be getting rid of that extra pound as fast as you chew it in? What about the sacrifices you have made so far?

Take a deep breath, drink some water (many times, it is all that it takes to forget that insatiable crave) and ask yourself it again. I am almost sure that the answer is going to be much different. ;)

Stay strong! You are way much more worth it than you may think now.

*Note: the reason why I stopped using apps to follow my intake is because I do not need them since I joined the Team Bombshell. Now I have my personalized plan, based on my needs and I do not count macros any longer.

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