Sunday, December 9, 2012

And there was a Seminar

One week has already passed from the Flex Cup. Even though I was home for a couple of days, I did not manage to catch up with everything before getting back to the office.

I have to admit that getting over my no-show was not as easy as I wanted it to be. At the end, it took me more days that I planned. However, I had to allow myself heal completely before getting back on track.

Anyways, this entry is not about me, but about the great seminar I attended last Saturday.

The format was really light, ideal also for those who were tired from all the diet and training that is part of a contest preparation. There were three speakers: Harry De Jonge from Flex Holland and Muscle Totaal, Berry De Mey (no need for an introduction right?) and Hans Wassik from the Dutch Doping Authority.

Harry's presentation was full of helpful information for the beginners (remember that the Flex Cup is a beginners' show). He touched topics we all have to deal with in this amazing sport: diet, training, family etc.

Following it, the Joe Weider Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Inductee, Berry De Mey. He went through pictures from before and during his career as a professional bodybuilder while sharing about his experiences and learnings. 

Last but not least, Hans explained the approached used by the Dutch doping authority on dealing with a fact so common in various sports nowadays. Doping is a fact that people should be aware of. 

My notes from the Seminar in Dutch (sowy!)
If you ever have the chance to attend such a seminar, I would highly recommend you do so. Learning from experts, hearing about what they went through, set-backs etc and associating with other athletes is priceless.

I loved the experience and I am truly looking forward going to many more (if only I could attend Nathalia's tomorrow...).

Grab all learning opportunities with both hands. You will never know in advance how much they will impulse your progress.

Keep up with the good work everyone! And success! xxx

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