Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where I have been

Almost one fourth of 2014 has already passed, but it seems like yesterday that I was writing my commitments. These have been very busy months for me in all fields.

The top moment of this first quarter was, without a doubt, attending the seminar of Nathalia Melo in Ireland. I have been trying to join one for such a long time, however there was always something blocking me. I had to book flights and made hotel reservations at the last moment, but I made it.

Nathalia Melo and me at RockPit Fitness in Ireland

No matter what field of expertise is or hobby, take advantage of as many learning opportunities as possible. No matter where in your journey you are, there is always knowledge that can help you and facilitate your progress. And it is not every day that one has the chance to learn from an Olympian. Mainly in Europe...

I had a great time there and only wished I had stayed longer. I met so many amazing people. It felt like home. 

Right after getting back to Belgium, I jumped into a transformation challenge from I picked Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore as my plan. I am major fan of Kris and his work, so it was an easy choice. 

By week 9 out of 12 (yeah, that close to the end), my body started to act weird again. Or better saying, it stopped reacting at all. Since the idea was testing myself after last year's struggle, it felt right to drop the challenge. In addition, there is 3D life that required some extra attention. I had to take a break and "listen to my body".

In my terms, taking a break does not mean going nuts and eating all the crap that I can. What I did was I kept my usual diet this week and used the extra free time in the evening to do some reading and to catch up.

And while I was updating myself with the latest news on Facebook, I found out that Flex Holland was offering a 'shape-up' program of 8 weeks for only 20 people. I did not know if it was only for people living in the Netherlands or if girls were allowed, but I signed up for it.

Flex Holland Flex Summer Shape-up Program

Needless to say how excited I was to receive the confirmation that I had been chosen. Now it is a matter of counting down the days to get started. April 19th will be day 1.

After being in this fit journey for the past 3 years, I know that there is only that much that you can change in 2 months. Still, I am looking forward giving my best to reach great results.

Well, this is what I have been doing and I am looking forward sharing more with you all. I hope you all have been enjoying 2014 and wish you lots of success!

Have a great weekend.

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