Saturday, January 4, 2014

My 2014 Commitments

It is the time of year again...

2014 - Happy New Year

A new year starts and I want to share my commitments for the next 12 months (I don't like using the word resolutions and here is why).

My list will be much shorter for 2014. I want to focus on less things and bring the most out of them instead of spreading my attention everywhere. And here it is:

  • Progressing in my switch to Figure : because of the setbacks, I was forced to slow down my transition to Figure. One has to listen to their body and respect its limitations. Combining all activities and responsibilities in a healthy way is very important. I want to build muscle mass and it takes time, longer than burning fat. It is going to be an exercise of patience, dedication and hard work.

Last progress picture as Bikini. First, as Figure.

  • Investing in my professional career : even though I have made the decision to maintain balance between my career and my personal life, I am still a workaholic. I am looking forward becoming a better professional in 2014 too.

  • Living a healthy life : one of the things I have learned in 2013 is that being healthy is more than no being sick. Being in balance physically and emotionally has become key in my life. I have incorporated yoga, meditation and mindfulness in my routines and it is bringing rest. The idea is to continue with the practices I started and improve them.


This is going to be it. To achieve these goals, there are some steps I have been taking, however, I chose to keep my mind open. The result is what matter, the path will be the best one I discover for myself. It does not have to be anything. It will be what fits me better and brings me closer to my objectives.

My passion is a sport which requires first a lot of dedication before one can consider oneself 'in shape'. Even those who manage to do wild transformations know deep in their hearts that their results, no matter how amazing, are just the start. This journey of mine has not been the fastest one, neither without ups and downs. At turtle speed or not, I have progressed and I am looking forward progressing more and more. 

2014 goals

Wishing everyone an amazing 2014!

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