Sunday, September 9, 2012

It is for real!

I started my preparation for the Belgian Fed Cup at the end of June this year. I had just came back from vacation during which I enjoyed the best of the Brazilian food. Even though I went regularly to the gym, the damage was done.

Before I could really fix my mind on the contest though, I had a check-up and only last week I could finally say for sure "I'm in!".

So now I am 7 weeks away from my very first contest and I am trying to do put together my checklist. It is not that simple, even though there is a lot of help here and there on the internet. I am playing sponge, trying to acquire as much knowledge as possible, but it does not make things that simple either.

Until now, the things I could think of are:
  • suit
  • shoes
  • tanning
  • nails
  • hair
  • make-up
  • posing (!!!)

I am sure that I am going to get things done on time, but I wish I were not so "late" for putting it all together. But I guess that it happens to the best of us, (or) doesn't it?!?

To keep my mind cool, I am training and dieting harder than ever. My body has to be ready! That is my main focus now. I might even fail due to the lack of organization, but my shape will not be to blame.

It is possible that I am setting too high standards. Thinking about the few contests in Belgium (if there is any other than the Fed Cup...) and the lack of interest (and TONS of misunderstanding) about body building, I may be going to hard on myself. Still, I will always work for the best and my role models in my category (Nathalia Melo, India Paulino, Jamie Baird, Amanda Latona etc) remain as my ultimate goal anyways.

This week, I will be sending out my papers. Let's see how things go...

Fingers crossed!

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