Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to life

I had some tough days last week. I am really glad that this weekend I had the chance to catch up with rest. It was really needed!

After sleeping little for so many days and working overtime the whole week, I enjoyed waking up later yesterday and doing nothing for the whole day. Yeah! I was laaaazzzzyyyy...

With my batteries recharged, today I followed the usual Sunday plan and got everything done. I  went to the gym in the morning, cooked for the week, did the housework and after this entry, it is time to study.

I am taking the Personal Trainer course very seriously. Since there is so little support for women trying to build muscle here, I want to be able to work out properly. I dream BIG and am not afraid of hard work.

Later today (or tomorrow), I will be posting my training. After a couple of deload days, I went full throttle again today. And it could not have been better since it was leg day and I was rested. The hard training was pretty much needed since I do not think I am losing fat as (fast as) I think should. I absolutely cannot picture myself on stage with the physique I have so far. Anyways, I will be sharing more on my contest preparation later this week. 

In the meantime, who is excited about the Big "O"?!? I am!!!!

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