Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doing it differently

Today I left work way too late and to avoid jeopardizing my intake, I went straight home.

In no way it means missing a workout. We have enough stuff at home to do some serious workouts. I just needed to be a little creative in adapting my routine properly.

On the menu: upper body!

Push-ups (knees)

One Handed Hang
4x5secs for each side

Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press


Side raise (with kettlebell)

Dips (body weight)

Alternating biceps curl

This workout was different than normal, but in no way easier. I used more or less the same weights I do at the gym and with my body extra tired because of the daily overtime, it was hard. Besides, I did not need to look "good" in the mirror, so I could let it all go.

I have to admit that I prefer to go to the gym, but not being able to go there is absolute no excuse to skip a workout.

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