Thursday, September 20, 2012

A quick update

A lot is happening this week and I am extremely happy for everything. By saying that I do not mean that everything is perfect or that there is nothing bothering. The challenges are there! However, I am enjoying the journey.

This week, my coach changed my nutritional plan and added some cardio to my routine. One the first, I have to admit that I was feeling really hungry. By late in the afternoon, I had already had almost all my quota protein and I still had to have dinner. No before casein bed for me then.

On the second day however, I changed some things here and there and I got it perfect. Not only I was reaching my macros correctly, but I was not hungry at all throughout the day. That made me really proud.

Getting the right amount of food x macros was not a skill I used to have. I was always swinging between too much and too little, but never getting them right. When I finally managed to have enough protein, my carbs were skyrocketing. The right amount of carbs generally implied in a huge calorie intake. It could take me weeks to get the numbers fixed. This time however, a day was all I needed.

The scale has been my best friend these days. I have been measuring everything I eat and the results are paying off.

Cardio is also doing its thing. I am again losing weight and I feel the difference. Last week, I took my progress pictures that scared me a bit. I saw much more fat than I wanted on my hips and belly. It was a scary sight!

Improvement is still needed, but I am moving slowly ahead.

More updates coming soon! Have a great time everyone.

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