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Shout Out Saturday : The Blogs's Edition

This week's shoutout will be focused on great blogs I have been reading lately.

Since I decided to get more consistent about blogging, I have been dedicating part of my free time to reading other articles out there. I will already say that this is not an extensive list. There are way too many great entries that if I wanted to share them all, it would simply be impossible. So here I will be sharing (only) 5 of my favorite ones. More will come in the future for sure. Let's get started!

Shout Out Saturday : The Blogs' Edition

Triathlete? Check. Woman of Steel Sprint Tri Recap

Triathlete? Check. Woman of Steel Sprint Tri Recap

I have to admit that it had never crossed my mind to participate in a triathlon before. To start with, I can barely swim. I only learned how to swim at the age of 34 and since my 'graduation', I only hit the pool twice.

Biking is not my thing either. Some years ago, I got myself a mountain bike. The poor thing has been parked for longer than I can remember. It is not like I do not like using it, but I always end up finding it more relaxing to go on foot or by car depending on the distance (and on how many bags I am carrying with me).

Whitney participated in her first triathlon recently and her experience got me motivated. I have been asking around, added some activities/trainings to my 40 things before 40 list that will be part of my training and I am working on getting the right mind set. I do not when and how it will be, but I am building this project careful.

Do check her blog Triathlete? Check. Woman of Steel Sprint Tri Recap if you want to learn more about her adventure.

Pinterest Tips and Tricks to Drive Blog Traffic

Pinterest Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Blog
How often do you pin your favorite blogs? Sincerely, I have been obsessed about pinning since I joined the site a couple years ago. More recently, it became the best way to keep track and 'bookmark' my favorite articles, products and services.

If you are still to this fastest growing social media, please have a look at Carla's Pinterest Tips and Tricks to Drive Blog Traffic. This is surely a must-read if you are interested in understanding how Pinterest works and to be able to get the most out of it.

Talking about pins, all images on this blog are pinnable. I would really appreciate if you shared the love by spreading the word and by following Debbie in Shape there too! I would love to follow your pins as well.

52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

52 Meticulous Organization Tips for the OCD Person In You
As in most things in my life, when it comes to organization, I am a person of extremes. In fact, when I neglect to organize my stuff right away it is simply because I think that I am not going to be as 'perfect' as I want to be. Weird logic, I know it...

I am so obsessed about it that I am constantly looking for books (ebooks since they do not take space in the shelves) and articles on the subject. Recently I came across a blog which title caught my attention: 52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You.

The first tip is already a mania of mine. I see a plastic bag, I fold it. I learned it years ago with the mother of a friend and I got addicted.

If you are interested to learn a thing or two that can help you get (more) organized, this blog is a must.

6 Tasks You Can Complete While Blowdrying Your Hair

6 Tasks You Can Complete While Blowdrying Your Hair
It is true that since I had my hair cut, I do not spend from 3 to 5 minutes with the hairdryer (yes, I used to count it). However, I am a multitask person by nature. So the idea that I can optimize the time 'wasted' getting my hair dry sounds exciting.

I bumped into this blog when searching beauty tips. 6 Tasks You Can Complete While Blowdrying Your Hair offers very practical solutions for us women who want to look beautiful in the morning to go to work without spending too much time in front of the mirror. Let's face it, I already wake up early enough to train. If I am going to miss another half hour of my sleep, I will surely crash in the middle of the afternoon. No way! I prefer to combine things.

Have you ever thought about doing squads while drying your hair? I haven't, but I sure bought the idea.

Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips
I really like Jennifer Ford Berry's books. At the moment, I am reading her Organize Now! (the home organization one) again and I have her in my wish list too.

Browsing her site, I found these Time Management Tips that are really simple and therefore, inviting. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by the amount of things we 'have to' do. If it does not paralyze us, it creates anxiety, stress and frustration.

On her blog, Jennifer focus on just 3 things one should implement during one week. It is the fourth blog of the series, but they are all around the same idea, being applied to different projects. If you are looking for some inspiration, you cannot miss it.

And what are your favorite blogs at the moment? The ones you bookmarked or pinned to read them again.

Great readings!

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