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Move It Monday : The Fit Journey

The idea of this fourth "Move It Monday" blog comes from a colleague of mine. We had the chance to talk last week and she suggested I wrote something for beginners. An entry that could help starters get (and stay) motivated. I loved the idea right away so here I am. Let's get this journey going together!

Move It Monday : The Fit Journey

Each person is different and so are the reasons why one decides that it is time to get fit (again). It can be to improve one's health and well-being, as stress management, to look good for a certain event (wedding, graduation, summer...) or just-because...

Whatever your reason might be, it has to be YOURS! This is the starting point that will make the entire journey meaningful. No matter how much your partner, relative, friend or whoever tells you that you should be doing it, unless you really want it yourself, you will not make it. It is only when you realize that it is what you want that the "sacrifices" will make sense and it all will be worth it.

Getting started and staying motivated - me, in Paris, 2010

I heard remarks about my weight several times for years. I knew I was not thin anymore, but the bell had not rang yet (I will write about my turning point in another opportunity). It was only when reality hit me that I started to do what had to be done to change my habits and consequently, my physique.

For some people, the idea of looking better in a swimsuit is more than enough motivation to get started. But let's face it, not everyone signs up for that. Personally, I think that the focus should always be your health. Believe me, the shape of your dreams will come along however, it is better if it is through good habits than through non sense dieting or irresponsible training. It is not about how much you weight, but about how you feel. 

Be sincere with yourself. Are you the kind of person who likes drastic changes? Or do you generally feel more comfortable when you are given time to adapt? Depending on your answer, you may feel inclined to start a transformation plan or slowly replace certain foods in your menu. Personally, I am a slow starter. Even though I have gone transformations before, they only showed real progress after me changing my all-around eating pattern beforehand.

It takes time! - June, 2012 x June, 2013

Look at some old pictures of you and become aware of how things evolved throughout time. No matter what shape you are in today, it did not happen after one night. Do not expect that you will acquire the physique of your dreams just by signing up for a gym or by buying the latest workout DVD. It takes time, consistency and patience. Time will pass anyways, the difference is that you can start using it wisely now instead of postponing your kick-off. Be realistic and do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

There will be great days and there will be not-so-good ones too. Life happens outside our control and it is the same for everyone, no matter how far we are. The difference is that "winners" overcome obstacles. How many athletes have day jobs and train during their free time? That happens in all sport disciplines! Even if you miss a day or two, you can always catch up. Switch your rest day or go for another activity. Take the bike, go for a walk, whatever. Just do not quit.

And last, but not least: Enjoy it! Whatever activity you pick or goal you set, it has to be something you feel good about. There will always be naysayers, haters and those who will be less supportive. Therefore, it is important that you like what you do and that you commit to your plan. Think about where you want to be by the end of the year. Be excited about the changes that you will be booking with your efforts. With time, the ones who might be negative about your commitment now will be your biggest fans in the future. 

Where will you be by the end of the year?
All in all, these are general steps that you can apply to any goals you set up for your. Summarizing them leaves us with the following checklist to start a successful Fit Journey:

  • Get started for your own reasons, not someone else's
  • Make health your number 1 priority
  • The choice between a radical transformation or slow habit changes depends on your personality
  • Always remember that it takes time
  • Everyone has bad days and still make it
  • Enjoy it!

How are the things going so far for you? Are you holding to your resolutions? If not, what is stopping you?

Once again, I am joining Rana, Erin and Stephanie in their Move It Monday linkup.

Wishing everyone a strong week!

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