Monday, July 14, 2014

Move It Monday : Alternative Workouts

Out of the box training!

We all know those jokes about every diet starting on Monday, next Monday, don't we? But there are also those who include the endless postponing of working out to the next week.

You do not need to fall into this trap. Even if you do not feel like attending a class or following your standard schedule, you can still get your workout done. Let's have a look at 3 choices to traditional training that will help you burn some calories and have fun at the same time. 

Move It Monday : Alternative Workouts


We got so accustomed to take the car (or public transportation) anywhere, that walking has become underrated.

For the past month, I started doing Move It Monday's Monday Mile during lunch break. Depending on the weather and on how much time I have, I walk faster or slower. It is proving to be relaxing and I have already discovered new places to run too.

The only thing you should have in mind when going for a walk is choosing comfortable shoes. The easiest way to be always ready is living a pair of trainers in the car or in your drawer at work. This way there will be no reason to miss the opportunity.

My recent #walkies


Maybe walking is not your thing, but I am sure that you can have a great time cycling.

The great thing about biking is that you can go anywhere with it (if you want, you can even leave the car at home and use it to go to work). If you are concerned about not looking good when arriving at the office (I am guilty of this one), you can still go for a ride after hours. The choice is yours.

When biking, it is always advisable to wear helmet and use lights after it gets dark. They are small measures that will support your safety.

Go outdoors

In almost every city there is a public park with fitness machines or an area for workouts. Let the child in you enjoy getting dirty and do your thing in open air.

The best about such places is that it is not rare to find fun alternatives to well-known machines as well as brand new stuff. And if you have companion, why not playing ball or frisbee? Laugh is guaranteed and you will be increasing your vitamin D storage.

If you are lucky to live by the sea, there is nothing better than enjoying the beach on a beautiful summer day.

Take it Outdoors

It is always great to bring some variation to your workouts. It helps you stay motivated as well as gives you the opportunity to use your muscles differently.

What are your alternatives to standard training? When you cannot follow your planning, what do you do to get your body moving?

I would love to know your alternatives as well! 

Have a great day!

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